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This is the anti-clown community website that accompanies the official website for people who are afraid of, or just plain hate clowns: The major difference between this site and is the level of interactivity. is my story about why I hate clowns, and it showcases what I have to offer you. Here at, is a chance for you to share what you have to offer to the anti-clown community.

What's your story? What do you have to say? What are you like?

So what can somone with coulrophobia find here? You can join the discussion in our online forums, you can get your own weblog so you can express yourself, publish your stories, share your feelings, and have a gallery for your artwork and photos. is your place to sound off to the world.

“ is your place to sound off to the world ”

I'll be doing my own share of "sounding off" as well. Feel free to comment on my blog entries and add your own thoughts to my bizarre ramblings. First and foremost: have fun please.

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